Imagine a garden with many beautiful plants and flowers. Over time, weeds start to grow among them, and eventually, they take over. It is essential to remove the weeds in order for the flowers and plants to thrive. This is the original meaning of the word zakat.


Zakat is a means of purifying oneself and one’s wealth in a manner which promotes growth. However not knowing how and when to give zakat could mean that years pass by a person with this pillar of Islam unfulfilled. Not knowing why we give zakat can make it feel like a burden for the giver. Someone like this may be sincere when giving, but it is not like the sincerity of one who appreciates the wisdom and benefits behind this act of worship and then gives. 


Azaan presents Zakaat Essentials an online course by Sheikh Kashif Naseem Dilkusha which is likely to give life to your zakat

What you will learn in this course:


▪️ Wisdom & Importance of Zakaat
▪ Who Pays Zakat
▪ The different types of wealth on which Zakaat is compulsory 
▪ Common errors and misunderstandings regarding Zakaat 
▪ Circumstances where one is exempted from giving  Zakaat. 
▪ Who is considered as ‘zakat-eligible’ today? 
▪ How to calculate your Zakaat