Munajaat (supplication) is the essence of worship. It is the weapon of the believer. With it we can never fail; without it we can never succeed. It is a whispering conversation with Allah, the most uplifting, liberating, empowering, and transforming conversation one can ever have.

We need du’aas in all circumstances and all times. But in this difficult time that we are living in today, we need them even more. Every day brings fresh news about atrocities committed against our brothers and sisters around the world or pandemics taking the entire globe by a storm. But what can we do? We can either continue to just feel frustrated and depressed, we can just forget all this and move on to some other subject. Or we can stand up before Allah and pray for His help, Who alone can help.

Sheikh Abdul Jabbar Bilal in this new course Munajaat will teach us the meanings and true essence of our everyday azkaar which will reflect on how a small prayer can change our life, our outlook, and our fate. And how it can prove to be the most potent weapon of a believer.