• June 30, 2019 - 09:30
  • Quaid-e-Azam Auditorium, Faisal Masjid, Islamabad
قیامت کے قریب ایسے فتنے ہوں گے جیسے اندھیری رات کے حصے
………ان میں آدمی صبح کو مومن ہو گا، تو شام کو کافر ہو گا اور شام کو مومن ہو گا تو صبح کو کافر ہو گا 
(ابن ماجہ)
When there is widespread violation of the laws of Allah Sub’haanahu wa Ta’ala, practice upon Islam is extremely difficult and the means to practice are all but gone, such is a time of Fitnah.
Every Muslim should constantly be striving to preserve his faith at times of tribulation and upheaval. Join Azaan’s PowerTalk IN TIMES OF FITNAH” to learn the traits that enable a Muslim to see things as they really are and to understand what is going on and how to safeguard your faith in such times.
Course Objectives:
• Understand what is Fitnah?
• Various forms of FItnah and their effects
• How to safeguard ourselves and our children?
• How to change ourselves to survive in these times?
• What should be a believer’s stance in such times?
• Understanding of the Prophetic methodology for dealing with “Al-Fitan”


  • Start Date:June 30, 2019
  • Start Time:09:30
  • End Date:June 30, 2019
  • End Time:13:30
  • Location:Quaid-e-Azam Auditorium, Faisal Masjid, Islamabad